Selected Media Projects

With the Fetzer Foundation DSRA undertook research into the role that love holds in the lives of people around the US. This study was carried out as a part of the Mystery of Love documentary, which aired nationally in 2007.

For the Gender Chip Project DSRA is investigating the effects of a documentary examining the experiences of female undergraduate students majoring in engineering over their four years at Ohio State University.

For the Oregon Public Broadcasting production of the documentary on boys’ emotional development, Raising Cain (aired nationally January 12, 2006), DSRA evaluated the effects of the film and outreach materials at sites in Massachusetts, Texas, and Oregon.

In collaboration with ActiveVoice, DSRA conducted summative evaluation on the outreach efforts of the After Innocence film, winner of the 2005 Sundance Special Jury Prize. This documentary explores the experiences of men who are re-entering society after having been incarcerated for long periods of time, then exonerated for their crimes on the basis of new DNA analyses of the evidence.