Selected Elementary and Middle School Projects

In collaboration with Purdue University, Davis Square Research Associates is evaluating a five-year project in Arlington, Texas. Funded by NSF this project is helping the district to infuse the elementary curriculum with engineering content. For this project DSRA is using quantitative, qualitative, and social network analyses to track the growth and effects of the implementation.

As a part of a project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, DSRA collaborated with the New England Wildlife Center to conduct two quasi-experimental studies on the effects of using inquiry-based strategies in elementary biology.

Designed by the South Florida Science Museum, DSRA is evaluating a project that introduces science content into elementary schools in Florida. “Health Science in Motion,” an educational series by Prime Time Palm Beach County in collaboration with the South Florida Science Museum, offers inquiry-based hands-on science experiences in the museum lab and at afterschool sites for at-risk youth. The content includes how to have a healthy heart and eating habits, as well as DNA and heredity.

For the MarcoPolo curricular training and materials (currently supported by the Verizon Foundation), DSRA conducted a two-state quasi-experimental study on the effects of using MarcoPolo applets on student learning of elementary mathematics.