Selected Secondary and Post-Secondary Projects

For the University of Maine DSRA is evaluating an international project on genomic-enabled research on the Porphyra seaweed. Using social network analysis, DSRA is researching how different teams of scientists from around the world are investigating different aspects of one of the oldest life forms.

For Boston University DSRA is investigating the NIH-funded Cross-Disciplinary Training in Nanotechnology for Cancer project. This project brings together scientists from numerous discipline to conduct research into cancer and to train a new generation of cross-disciplinary cancer researchers. This project relies heavily on qualitative methods and social network analysis.

In collaboration with the University of Massachusetts and Education Development Center (EDC), DSRA is evaluating a five-year project to introduce Active Physics and Active Chemistry content into schools across the US. Methodologies include quantitative and social network analysis to examine how teacher networks can affect teaching practices and student outcomes.

DSRA is evaluating a project with the North American Family Institute to bring together at-risk youth and urban police. This project, the Youth Police Initiative, is being implemented in large urban centers on the East Coast. The DSRA evaluation examines how the youth and police social networks evolve over time, and then linking these changes to behavioral outcomes.